Builder who regrets having tattoo of an elephant in a VERY intimate place after ‘too many beers’ gets it covered up – with a brightly coloured skull

#tattoo In a bid to cover up the bawdy design, Kieran sought the help of the Tattoo Fixers. They were shocked when he revealed the Dumbo inking with one tattoo artist refusing to touch the ‘trunk’. She said: ‘I don’t do willies.’ Fellow inker Jay said he could …

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Who is United Games?

Who is United Games? There’s a brand new interactive sports app coming out fall of 2016. This app is different than most because the makers have chosen to pay people to share it and get a piece of the revenue. We don’t know the name of the app yet but we do know the maker… Continue Reading

#El Chapo Captured!

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman They got him! After months after his escape from jail. They finally got him. Details are still under way. Better for the streets of Mexico and the U.S. Let drugs on the street. Keep tuned in. Hopefully they have a better jail for him. You know the U.S. will be asking… Continue Reading

ATTENTION: Preterm Infants Need to Know

Respiratory Syncytial Virus In premature babies born before 36 weeks, a common cold can rapidly develop into a serious respiratory illness requiring medical attention. Protecting babies born #preterm is especially important during winter months, and the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) season. If your baby was born preterm, and your infant is under 6 months old,… Continue Reading

Dark And Disturbing Hand-Poked Tattoos That Reflect Life’s Hard Truths

#tattoo Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood is where you’ll find Sean Williams, also known as ‘seanfromtexas’, whose ominous tattoo designs scream death, depression, heartbreak, gore and envy, amongst others. Originally from Texas, Williams began dabbling in … from tattoo designs – Bing News Your Bluetooth Enabled Selfie Stick Today on Amazon via IFTTT Continue Reading

Tattoo the Whole Family at Tattly in Brooklyn, Babies Included

#tattoo Brooklyn has officially out hipster-ed itself. Getting inked is now a family affair thanks to Tattly, a temporary tattoo company whose Boerum Hill pop-up shop is offering preprinted designs. Customers can get body artwork using squeeze bottles of water and … from tattoo designs – Bing News Your Bluetooth Enabled Selfie Stick Today… Continue Reading

Woman Gets Tribute Tattoo in Honor of Her Sister — Made of Her Ashes

#tattoo In a heartbreaking tribute to her sister, Nicola had an artist combine black ink with her sister’s ashes, then tattoo the mixture onto her back in a large angel design. “I chose to have the tattoo as it means we will always be together,” she says … from tattoo designs – Bing News… Continue Reading

KFM captures the beauty of tattoo design

#tattoo When we think ‘design’ we usually think of colour, bold lines and fine detail. That’s exactly what KFM’s photographers found when searching for Cape Town’s best tattoo artists. With the 6th annual Cool Inc Tattoo Expo held at the Voortrekker Monument in … from tattoo designs – Bing News Your Bluetooth Enabled Selfie… Continue Reading