White Henna Tattoos: A New Trend For Brides

#tattoo Now, the white henna tattoo trend has spread around with world, with people adorning their hands, feet, bellies, and other body parts in white henna designs. Some of those intricately designed white henna tattoos come from pre-cut designs. Other of the … from tattoo designs – Bing News http://ift.tt/1GZRFVJOrder Your Bluetooth Enabled Selfie Stick… Continue Reading

Magical Unicorn-Themed Tattoo Designs That Will Delight You

#tattoo If you love all things magical, this set of unicorn-themed tattoo designs will be sure to delight you. Compiled by BuzzFeed, the wonderful mythical creature is rendered in geometric forms, tiny adorable cartoon versions and in abstract colorful designs … from tattoo designs – Bing News http://ift.tt/1LMHItGOrder Your Bluetooth Enabled Selfie Stick Today on… Continue Reading

Are These The Tattoos Of The Future?

#tattoo With the use of a projector, bare skin can look as if it’s covered in intricate designs, and ink that already exists can come to life. In the video above, one girl’s Salvador Dali tattoo wiggles its mustache and winks. The technology, called projection … from tattoo designs – Bing News http://ift.tt/1LMHItxOrder Your Bluetooth… Continue Reading

Now you can test drive your tattoo before committing

#tattoo Gone are the days of drawing permanent marker designs on your arm to test-run a potential tattoo, thanks to Momentary Ink. The Philadelphia-based startup creates custom-designed temporary tattoos that look and feel like real ink. The tattoos are created … from tattoo designs – Bing News http://ift.tt/1LMHKSrOrder Your Bluetooth Enabled Selfie Stick Today on… Continue Reading

I Always Wanted a Tattoo, But Now I’m Getting Mine Removed

#tattoo I got my tattoo two weeks after I graduated from college. In retrospect, it was so clearly a bad idea. I came up with the design a few months earlier: while I knew I wanted an infinity sign, I never actually found a drawing of what I wanted it to look like. from tattoo… Continue Reading

Mini Fashionista Harper Beckham Designs Tattoo For Dad David Beckham

#tattoo Mini fashionista Harper Beckham is taking after her mother Victoria Beckham. The little girl has designed a tattoo for her famous dad David Beckham. It shows a girl smiling with hands stretched out and is on the retired footballer’s palm. “Apparently … from tattoo designs – Bing News http://ift.tt/1LMHFhuOrder Your Bluetooth Enabled Selfie Stick… Continue Reading

David Beckham’s daughter designs his tattoo

#tattoo David Beckham’s new tattoo was designed by his daughter. The former soccer star took to Instagram to reveal the new inking, a sketch of a girl drawn by his four-year-old daughter Harper, which he has had etched on his palm. Captioning the photo, he wrote … from tattoo designs – Bing News http://ift.tt/1GZRCcsOrder Your… Continue Reading

Good Point Tattoos in North Oakville, ON, gives customers what they want

#tattoo Their experienced tattoo artists are there to help you decide the style and design of your tattoo. That starts by learning about the different tattoo types available, and what would look best on your skin. There are several different types of tattoos … from tattoo designs – Bing News http://ift.tt/1GZRD04Order Your Bluetooth Enabled Selfie… Continue Reading